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Facial Services Aromatherapy Services Holistic Health and Abundance Coaching Shop Blog Home Holism “Holism” – a new word and a life altering concept, I was first introduced to as student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Just what is “holism” ?  “Holism” is a belief that nothing is separate instead everything exists as an interdependent piece of an alive and intelligent whole. Just how does this relate to our skin and our bodies? According to the philosophy of “holism”, an alive, balanced body is a network of mutually supportive functional systems. Every aspect of the body is intertwined and interdependent, and each of every one the body’s cells is governed by a common intelligence that guides its function to work in support and service of the whole body. In order to better serve the needs of their clients, a growing number of estheticians like myself are exploring “holism” and its applications in skin care. We understand that the digestive, intestinal, lymphatic, circulatory, nervous, immune, respiratory, urinary, glandular, hormonal, structural, and other systems are all linked to the beauty of the skin and the health of the whole body. Cells are organized into organs and tissues. Organs and tissues are organized into body systems. Every body system and organ performs performs a function that is critical to the support and survival of every other organ and system. This interdependence is true for the skin, just as it is true for the stomach, or the heart, or the nervous system. The skin is essential to the survival of the body and the skin is in turn dependent on the other systems of the body for its own health and well-being. In order to sustain life,...