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Only the finest quality essential oils are used in all SPA Holistica aromatherapy services.

Sharonah is a believer in the energetic power of Young Living essential oils and their profound transformative properties and is dedicated to using them to help others.

AromaImage1She is a certified Young Living AromaHarmony® Practitioner and an Ordained Holistic Minister Practitioner of the Lightwing Center and Lifespirit Seminary.

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AromaImage2For over 20 years, Young Living has set the global standard for purity and authenticity of these organic botanicals known as essential oils. Their unique “Seed to Seal” process ensures the purity of each oil and protects nature’s vital living energy found inside every bottle.

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SwirlTinyAromaHarmony® Technique AromaImage3The heart of the AromaHarmony® Technique is its unique use of 6 – 10 different pure essential oils depending upon your heart’s intuition, gently applied onto varying meridian points cranium and spine along with oil diffusion to promote balance and revitalization. It is a powerful, effective, and non-invasive treatment which combines several holistic techniques to create a synergistic effect on the emotions, body and spirit. The session lasts about 1 hour however its benefits may last up to a week or more.

$200 (essential oils applied to the spine, neck and feet)
$100 (30 minutes – essential oils applied to the feet only)

SwirlTinyAromaDome® Session The AromaDome® is a revolutionary tenting system that allows for intensive inhalation of Young Living’s pure essential oils optimizing their transformative effects. The “tent” is placed over the upper body and then your choice of essential oils is diffused as you relax and breathe deeply with intent. This experience may have emotional, physical and spiritual benefits.

$50 -100 (depending on choice of oils) for a 1/2 hour session

SwirlTinyReiki enhanced with Aromatherapy Reiki which in Japanese means “Universal Life Energy” is a gentle form of hands on energy work. The result of a Reiki session is a profound sense of peace, vitality, and renewed wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Oils are also diffused while client is fully clothed and relaxes on a massage table.

$100 1 hour session (includes a custom-blended aromatherapy oil)

SwirlTinyIntuitive Tarot Card Reading enhanced with Aromatherapy
AromaImage4Tarot helps us to communicate with deeper levels of consciousness, many believe that it is a tool that enables one to listen and receive advice from our own subconscious mind or Higher Self. It can provide powerful options when you feel stuck, confused or troubled and can assist you moving forward in taking the next steps in your life. Sharonah Rapseik is a gifted Tarot Reader and Intuitive Coach who brings her knowledge of natural healing patterns to each reading.

$100 1 hour session in person or by phone (includes a custom-blended aromatherapy oil)

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