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Welcome To My First Blog

Facial Services Aromatherapy Services Holistic Health and Abundance Coaching Shop Blog Home Welcome to My First Blog Welcome to my very first blog. I want share with you my passion for holistic skin care and the joy of embracing a more natural / chemical-free lifestyle. My mission is to help you understand the connection of your skin to your personal choices not just topical skin care products but also to your diet, emotions, and lifestyle choices. I will be sharing with you healthy beauty advice and some of my favorite “do it yourself” recipes. I will also be sharing my resources for my favorite tools and products. My sincere wish is to encourage you to play a more active role in maintaining and supporting a healthy skin and body. How does holistic skin care differ from conventional skin care? Let me introduce myself. My name is Sharonah Rapseik. I am a holistic esthetician and a natural life style advocate and blogger. I am the owner of SPA Holistica, a private spa in the heart of New York City where in each and every one of my spa services I am committed to using only natural, nontoxic, and earth friendly ingredients. So what is all the buzz about holistic skin care? Let me start by saying that whenever as a holistic-minded esthetician like myself looks at someone’s skin, we see the whole person. I know that in order to stimulate real and lasting positive changes in the appearance of one’s skin, it’s surface symptoms cannot be treated as isolated issues. The aim of holistic skin care philosophy is not to...